MyPrivateText is a free webapplication, where users can create secure links with text which can be forwarded to a 3. party. Links created by MyPrivateText will only work once, after that both the link and text are destroyed.
If you lost or forgot the link, you will have to create a new link. We canĀ“t retrieve it for you. All links have a standard lifetime of 7 days, so your message will automaticaly be destroyed after 7 days.
The standard lifetime of a link is 7 days - the link and message will automatically be destroyed after 7 days. You do however have the opportunity, through "Options", to set a different lifetime from 10 minutes to 7 days.
No. The link only works 1 time - after usage the link and message are destroyed and can not be retrieved.
No not at present. When you click email - a new email opens up on your own device or you can copy the link and paste it anywhere you wish.
No not at present. Only text can be transferred through