Send a Private Text with

Create a unique link - only the person with this link can see your message.

You can add additional security by creating a personal passphrase. In this case the person who opens the link has to enter your personal passphrase before your text is visible.

The link only works once - even if the passphrase is misspelled or forgotten by the receiver.

How it works

  • Write the text
  • Chose Options if you want to add passphrase
  • Chose Options if you want set lifetime on link.(standard 7 days)
  • Create a private link. Send the link via email or copy/paste
  • The link will self-destruct after one “hit”

Enter your message: (or copy/paste from your local document)

Optional settings :

Set a personal passphrase

Enter a passphrase Confirm passphrase If you leave the passphrase empty - no passphrase is needed to open the link.

Set lifetime

Standard lifetime is 7 days

If not activated the link will automatically self-destruct after selected lifetime from creation date.